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Ngoubou is a ceratopsian said to live in Africa , similar to Emela Ntouka. Unlike Emela Ntouka, it is described with many more horns (once said to have six on a frill). It is thought by some to be Styracosaurus. It is said to be the size of an ox and fights elephants for land, despite smaller size. William Gibbons learned about Ngoubou while visiting a tribe to research for another expedition to find Mokele-Mbembe. He was told that a elder's father killed one with a spear. They also said that the population was declining. The word Ngoubou means rhinoceros, but is said by the locals to be special kind. One sighting was reported in 1919. Ceratopsian fossils have not been Africa, but some from to eastern Asia and then to Africa. Also it may be a cerotopsian that is just similar to Styracosaurus.