In 1944, a German businessman Waldermar Julsrud, familinar with artifacts of the ancient Native Americans area, found some artifacts like he had never seen before that looked even older. He made a deal with a local farmer, he would pay one peso (twelve cents) for every unbroken peice. Twenty thousand were found, Each different from the other do to being hand-crafted. Some are of faces, idols, musical isterments. ect. Others are of dinosaurs, inculding Sauropods, Stegosaurus, Tricerotops, Ceratosaurus, Iguanodon, and Tyrannosaurus. At first thought to be faked, but dating and others have been found, thirthy-three thousand in all. Hundreds are of dinosaurs, including one showin a man nd a Stegosaurus. Many scvientist have seen them ecsivated. Many of the dinosaurs and humans are shown together, many with women in nonviolet, nonhunting stuations, as if domesticated and some even appeer to be pets.