The "Ptp" photo claimed to show a Pteranodon like pterosaur shot down during the Civil War, but showing many indications of being fruadulent

Two similar photos allegedly showing Civil War soldiers with a pterosaur carcass

have been .widely discussed on the web. One, sometimes called the Yellow photo due to its slight yellowish hue is recognized as a hoax by virtually all researchers, including Whitcomb. It was apparently staged with actors and a model pterosaur for the 2000-2001 Fox television "Freaky Links" series, produced by Haxan Films, so it is sometimes called "HFf" for "Haxan Films fake." The model ended up at Loren Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. The other photo, often called Ptp is claimed by its most vocal promoter, John Whitcomb to be a real Civil War photo showing a real Pteranodon-like pterosaur. However, the creature, soldiers, and background elements show many indicates of being fraudulent. For example, the wings do not show any signs of the small claws that real pterosaurs had, and the wings are bent in very unnatural ways. It also appears to show large teeth, and to have a snout far blunter, and a crest far thicker, than any known Pteranodon. The soldiers are wearing Union infantry uniforms, but with rectangular rather than the usual oval belt buckles. Areas of the photo appear to have been altered to look old. One version of the photo appears on Pinterest in a fake Underwood and Underwood frame. For more details see: